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everyone has been asking... so just for you we have lessons to offer with your favorite Cara Dulce makeup artists!

One-on-One Makeup Lesson -

(2 1/2 hrs with 2nd 30min-1hr appointment)
With Sara Eudy - $300.00
With Staff Artist - $200.00

A comprehensive lesson focusing on modern technique & color selections custom tailored to each client's age, lifestyle & comfort zone.
-Makeup Kit cleanout/evaluation
-Skin Care Evaluation
-easy instruction on the how/why/care of each Makeup Brush
-a beautiful, easy-to-follow, step-by-step Custom Makeup Chart
-a second appointment!! (after several weeks of practice) to review lesson and make sure you understand and can accomplish all instruction OR a shopping trip to your local makeup store with your artist by your side to answer questions and help you navigate the hundreds of beauty products out there to find the best one for you!
-a beautiful finished face that we do together! a beautiful finished face that we do together!

Makeup Update -

(1hr 15m)
With Sara Eudy - $90.00
With Staff Artist - $75.00

This is a Mini-Lesson that focuses on seasonal color & style shifts
-a new Custom Color Makeup Chart
-brush washing and Makeup Kit cleanout/seasonal formatting
-a beautiful, finished face!
This is not open to girls who have not previously had our Full Makeup Lesson, as it includes technique review, not instruction.

To schedule your personal Cara Dulce makeup lesson call us today at 832.285.7690!!!!!


:::payment::: PLEASE BRING CASH or CHECK TO YOU APPOINTMENT. all credit card payments are paid through PayPal and must be paid 24 hours in advance.

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